Why choose us as your preferred water safety provider?  Not only do we have small class sizes providing a responsive and personal teaching experience, but we also only ever have two classes running at once!  This minimises distractions, allows for more in-depth instruction and is proven to increase student learning ability. 

Our pool is heated to a comfortable 32 degrees for the comfort of even our smallest water ambassadors.  We pride ourselves on providing a happy, safe and enjoyable learn to swim environment!

Offering more than just a basic learn to swim program,  here at Safe Start we are dedicated to providing a holistic approach to aquatics. This approach goes beyond competitive swimming strokes and includes knowledge of: survival strokes and personal survival skills such as sculling and floating; rescue skills including knowledge of non- contact and dry rescues and personal training experiences of rescue including the instruction of basic CPR skills.

Our instructors are extensively trained by Austswim and the Worldwide Swim School, Australia's leading aquatic training bodies.  The Worldwide Swim School training was designed by Laurie Lawrence, infant aquatic pioneer, learn to swim expert and olympic gold medal swim coach.     

Our aim is to provide our students with all the skills necessary for life-long enjoyment and safety in aquatics.